More potters and painters.. and a glass maker!

Irene Dickau: painting and fabric arts

” I paint in oils mainly and draw inspiration from the world around me.  My subjects vary from landscapes, still life, florals and gardens, animals and birds, and people in action.
My style is realistic or representational.  I have painted  since my teen years but now age-related eye problems are bringing an end to my efforts.
Likewise, I have employed my hands at needle crafts and created wall hangings, quilts, table covers and clothing.  Colour and techniques are important in this craft.”
Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario and presently reside in Elmira but raised her family on a country site near Drayton for 40 years.
She has always enjoyed drawing and sewing and completed numerous classes and workshops at schools, with various artists.  She also has completed many commissioned pieces for friends and displayed publicly in art galleries and art shows.  Donations of paintings enabled local charities to successfully fund-raise.
“I enjoy gardening and keeping animals.  My sewing machine keeps me company and the creative juices going!”
Sadly, this is Irene’s last year on the Tour – we will miss her greatly!
Her studio/home is 34 Ann Street, Elmira.  She can be reached by phone: 519.669.3244

Shirley Frey: painting



Nicole Waddick: pottery

John Kepiewicz: glass

Melanie Horst: painting