We are including biographies for our participating artists.  If you find yourself curious about our artists, the information below may help!

Marlen Moggach: pottery, sculpture

Marlen works in clay creating unique raku-fired sculptural pieces.  She also creates functional stoneware pottery to enhance your daily routines and entertaining needs!
Marlen’s interest in pottery was long standing but an opportunity to develop did not present itself until 1991 when she took a course in ceramics at the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop.  Then clay took over her life!
The rural village that is her home usually exerts an influence on her work in some way.  It may be subject matter, surface treatment or form.  The pieces make a connection to “our common ground” this “earth garden” that we all share.
Marlen earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in Montreal.  She has participated in many ceramics workshops and conferences over the years as well as juried exhibitions.
Marlen is a member of the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop and the Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour.
Her location is 12 Mill Run Lane, Winterbourne              519.664.3841


Kelly Martin: jewelry

Kelly has been an artist all of her life, taking classes in oil painting as a teen.  She had a painting on exhibit at the KWAG as a high school student.  However she has always had a fascination in what she calls wearable art even at an early age; using art projects made in school and figuring out how she can make it into something she could wear.  15 years ago, she took beginner jewelry making classes and the rest is history!
She uses a variety of materials and objects to use in her pieces.  Her jewelry runs the gamut: wire work, bead weaving, creating beads and pendants with polymer clay and so on.  She is self taught in many techniques and she classifies her work as costume jewelry – playful, fun and unique.
Recently she has picked up the paint brush again to create paintings that reflect where is she at in life.  Photography is another recent interest with skills she gained from her photographer parents – “I think I learned to photograph thru osmosis!”.
She has been a member of Craft Ontario since 2018.
Her location is at 79 McGuire Lane, Elmira
www.sparklebykelly.com                          519.210.2000

Frances Gregory: painting, print making

A Waterloo Region artist residing in St. Jacobs, Frances Gregory studied at Sheridan college/U of T Art Education Program and at workshops held by various well-known artists. After many years creating as an artisan she now focuses her talents as a fine art painter in watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, collage and with an array of printmaking techniques. She has received awards for the KW Society of Artists and the Homer Watson Gallery in Doon where she exhibited a solo show titled “Earth Notes”.  In recent years Frances has opened her studio to the Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour.
My art is fully rooted in the beauty and wonder of nature. I am a spontaneous artist and continually challenge myself with any medium I approach.  I sketch, photograph and journal from many hikes, drives and travels as well as everyday experiences.
My watercolours, often depicting local sense for the most part are planned and deliberate but often surprise me.  My acrylic paintings balance on the edge of abstraction and develop intuitively through layering of marks and textures; building up subtle surfaces that combine the textural qualities of the papers and printmaking processes. Printmaking is for me ‘creative play’.  I find monotypes are the most expressive as they are the most ‘painterly’ approach.
I would love to share my art with you,  I can be reached by email at: fagregory@rogers.com
Her location is 16 Eby St, St. Jacobs
www.francesgregory.net                         519.664.3525

Jennifer Horst: painting

Jennifer Horst paints mostly with acrylics on canvas, but making old things new is also a part of her portfolio.  Her subject matter, while diverse, often includes objects such as feathers, landscapes and flowers.
Painting has been a way for Jennifer to express her emotions, relax and get lost in the colour and texture of the paint.  Her inspiration comes from her love of nature and Indigenous roots.  She loves when she has the time to paint and connect with her inner self – more of than not – she is surprised at what she sees.
Jennifer has a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Physical Education and a minor in Mathematics.  She also has a Bachelor of Education and works as a teacher guidance counsellor at Elmira District Secondary School.
She is a member of the Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour committee and participating artist in the annual October studio tour.  Her art can be found at Floral Fusion in Floradale, ON, the Sipuke’l Gallery in Liverpool, Nova Scotia and at the Queens Fancy, Elora, ON
“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” – Edgar Degas
 Jennifer’s location is to be announced
Email: jenhorst.3@gmail.com                                      www.teachablespirit.wordpress.com

Melissa Kristensen-Smith: photography on reclaimed wood

Melissa is inspired to capture an image when something she sees creates an emotional response and she wants to stop that feeling from escaping.  By capturing it on film or digital, she can relive that moment and share it with others.
Her subject matter is broad: nature, urban objects and unique perspectives of humans, with many photos from her life in Mexico and the Caribbean. Melissa hopes that when people look at the photographs they feel the texture or atmosphere created in the scene, or see themselves or someone they know within the image.
Melissa Kristensen-Smith has been living and creating in Waterloo Region for over 25 years.
Melissa’s Tour location

Fraser Forsythe: pottery, 3D sculpture

Fraser is a man of very few words; when you meet him you will what we mean.  He can described as a mystery wrapped in an enigma… None the less, he is a talented artist.
He asks that you go to his website: forsythestudios.com for any information you need.
His email is fraser.j.forsythe@gmail.com                                                       His studio is located within Roxton Arts at 1 Union St, Elmira, Ontario                               519.835.4440

Mira Wasilewska: painting, jewelry and pottery

Mira, originally from Poland, moved to Ottawa to the Region of Waterloo in 2012.  The following year she joined a group of local artists participating in the annual Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour displaying her paintings.  Her favorite media are acrylic and water colour.  A nature lover and avid gardener, she concentrates her work on landscapes and floral compositions depicting the objects in a naturalistic manner. In 2013 she decided to renew her interests in the art of pottery.  Her latest discovery in artistic expression is designing and creating unique silver and copper jewelry.
She is a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Society of Artists and Waterloo Potters’ Workshop.
Her work has been exhibited at the Ottawa School of Arts Gallery, Promenade Arteast Show, Trinity Gallery of Shenkman Art Centre and recently at the Button Factory and Homer Watson Galleries.  As a winner if the Curator’s Choice award presented during the 2017 Annual Juried Show entitled “Light Miracles”, she was featured as Kitchener-Waterloo Society of Artists solo artist in her exhibit “Reflections” in April 2018.
Painting has been the art form I have been practicing since childhood.  Acrylic is my favorite medium! Occasionally I like to switch to watercolours, especially when looking for luminescence that the latter conveys so beautifully.  In fact, when using acrylic paint, I prefer to use the techniques of glazing employed by many watercolourists. This in my experience. provides more depth to reinforce the illusion of three dimensions.
I am not confined to one to one subject area but prefer to work with landscapes, florals and architecture varying my projects and media Occasionally I like to escape the restrictions that realistic painting imposes on an artist by experimenting with a pouring medium.  This provides a sense of adventure and freedom of expression.
Working with clay provides yet another outlet for my creativity.  Making pots is a deliberate attempt at taking time to appreciate the pleasure of labour and taking chances at controlling the variables that result in a finished piece of art.
The most functional form of art that I enjoy is jewelry making.  All jewelers and designers deal with shape, texture, colour but our own personal vision shapes the final object.  The jewelry one wears makes a statement about who they are and what they value. It gives a glimpse into their personality without saying a word. I feel happy when my works appeals to someone’s soul!
Mira’s studio location is 7 Meadowbrook Place, Winterbourne, ON
Phone number is 519.721.5336                                  www.mirawasilewska.com           She is also on Facebook

Melissa Passmore: painting

Melissa has been painting since childhood but recently decided to pursue her passion on a professional level.  She is currently creating a collection of bright and vibrant florals juxtaposed a dark background. The bold colours are balanced by the flowing delicate petals and show off the amazing beauty nature has to offer.
Melissa is a member of the KW Society of Artists and Button Factory Arts.  She currently resides in Elmira with her husband and 2 daughters.
Her studio location is at her home at 10 Canary Court, Elmira.
                                                                                       www.melissapassmoreart.com   IG @melissapassmoreart


Wanda Densmore: pottery

Wanda was born in Palmerston, Ontario and has lived in the countryside of Woolwich Township most of her life.  As long as she can remember she has always had a love of nature and pottery.  When she took her first pottery class over 20 years ago, she had an instant connection with the clay.  Since then she has been creating a wide range of pottery both functional and art pieces.  Wanda is primarily a self-taught potter and mentored with a potter for several years.  Wanda is inspired by natured and it is reflected in her work.
Wanda is a member of the Waterloo Potters’ Guild and the Hamilton Potters Guild.  North Woolwich Pottery is her pottery company, her lifelong dream!
Her inspiring studio is located in the Roxton Arts – studio 208 in Elmira, Ontario
I have lived in the countryside of Woolwich Township most of my life.  I have been inspired by the modest, unpretentious setting, which nurtures my soul and grounds me.  Working with clay connects me to the earth and allows me to mine the creative force of nature.  My pottery is an extension of my passion, which fulfills me as it touches those who share it. I strive for each creation to be as unique as the person who takes pleasure in it!
email: wdensmore@katrissa.com   phone: 519.669.8457     Wanda’s studio location: The Shops at Roxton, 1 Union Street, Elmira, Ontario – studio 208