2020 is a different beast…

KBTST Virtual Tour 2020

This year is a different one as we all know!  Everyone, artists included, have had to make some changes.  We’ve even learned more “tech” skills along the way.

Learning is a good thing!  It includes challenges, at times frustration but in the end it’s benefits benefit us all.  Our virtual tour and walkabout is bridging these challenges (we hope).

So, check out our Tour on Facebook, go on the Walkabout to see our art and visit our local businesses – you’ll be glad you did!

Did You know?

A lot of times, our visitors don’t know what goes on behind the scenes to plan an arts event.  Well… it takes a lot of work and dedication to pull this off, even after a number of years.  2020 will be our 18th year!

To start we all take on “jobs” that are pivotal to its operation.  Chairperson, treasurer, brochure creation, advertising, social media, website content (just some to mention) right along to our signs committee who makes sure our signs are out in time and placed in strategic spots.  These positions are non paid (we are not a business) but vital to the success of our annual Tour.

We love what we do – its a labour of love!

January Meeting – things are off and running!

Last night we had are first meeting of the year and have set 2018 dates of Oct. 20 and Oct. 21.  While we have some departures, we also have new faces in attendance.  We would like to welcome Mira back; she has been busy learning new skills and will showcase those skills on the Tour.  Larissa, daughter of Vicky Abrams-Ogg is a new member – she has been approved by the jury committee just this morning.  There are a couple more, but still need to submit their applications.  Once they are on board, I will post about them.

Sooo excited for this new year!

Cheers!    Kelly M

Our back story…

The KBTST was founded by Natalie Prevost in 2002.  She was a potter in the area at the time.  She felt the need to establish “something” that would promote the local art and artisans in Woolwich Township.  That is how the Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour was born!  In fact we still have one artist who has been with the Tour since its inception – Irene Dickau.  She works in oils and creates beautiful fabric works.  Irene truly is the “glue that binds”.

On our website you will see the West Montrose covered bridge.  It is one of the few remaining covered bridges and holds historical standing.  What better symbol then a piece of local history…

About the KBTStudio Tour

My name is Kelly and I’m one of the artists. I’m also in charge of maintaining the Tour website… along with other related “stuff”.  As part of my job, I do my best to find out what our visitors are looking for. We all love chatting with our visitors! I’ve known that people enjoy the “experience” of visiting the studios; talking with the artists to see what inspires them.  Each location or studio reflects its occupant – each different from the next.  As artists we each need a space to bring our inspiration/ideas to life resulting in the finished product.  For me, my space features a large picture window with tons of light.  Add jazz music to the mix and you’ve got my work space.

Every now and then, we have visitors who would like all of us together in one large space and under one roof.  Don’t know if its because it would be easy to visit us this way…. I don’t get that suggestion personally so I don’t know the reason.  However the majority enjoy the journey from place to place to get the experience they are looking for….

While some art events work well under one roof… I know some and they work very well… the artists of the Tour will maintain what has been done for 15 years – the opportunity to visit our uniquely individual work spaces.  Might even inspire those to create one for themselves!  You never know what will happen….

Thanks for reading!  K