About the KBTStudio Tour

My name is Kelly and I’m one of the artists. I’m also in charge of maintaining the Tour website… along with other related “stuff”.  As part of my job, I do my best to find out what our visitors are looking for. We all love chatting with our visitors! I’ve known that people enjoy the “experience” of visiting the studios; talking with the artists to see what inspires them.  Each location or studio reflects its occupant – each different from the next.  As artists we each need a space to bring our inspiration/ideas to life resulting in the finished product.  For me, my space features a large picture window with tons of light.  Add jazz music to the mix and you’ve got my work space.

Every now and then, we have visitors who would like all of us together in one large space and under one roof.  Don’t know if its because it would be easy to visit us this way…. I don’t get that suggestion personally so I don’t know the reason.  However the majority enjoy the journey from place to place to get the experience they are looking for….

While some art events work well under one roof… I know some and they work very well… the artists of the Tour will maintain what has been done for 15 years – the opportunity to visit our uniquely individual work spaces.  Might even inspire those to create one for themselves!  You never know what will happen….

Thanks for reading!  K